Here lay my Terms and Conditions; which anyone who orders with me agrees to upon placing an order. Please make sure to read it well, because in case something does not run right with your order, we will sort it out by this policy. From the experience I gained from doing business on the darkweb, issues regarding orders can be divided into three groups: (1) order did not arrive, (2) quality is not right, (3) received the wrong item.

1. Order did not arrive
When an order has not arrived in 10 days for EU, and 20 days for Rest of the World – that order can be considered a no-show (lost). I have a 50% reship policy for returning trusted customers only (at least 2 prior orders) in case of a no-show. First time buyers can enjoy an addition of 50% of the lost order on the next new order. I only reship once.

2. Quality is not right
I am not the hardest to deal with, if quality is really not as what you are used to from me (in a negative way) I will gladly hook you up if I keep getting more complaints about it.

For the record; your nose, your body – these are not tests. For example people who are used to mixed cocaine, and never tasted pure, will never in a million years like the pure cocaine when they first use it; they will think its crap since they are used to the high they get from the chemicals that are mixed in the poor cocaine they use normally.

3. Received the wrong item
Whether it may be that the quantity is not right, or you received a complete different drugs than you ordered; I will give immediate 100% reship if you provide me proof with pictures of your whole shipment.

☑ Worldwide delivery
☑ Guaranteed delivery
☑ Refund if you aren’t satisfied
☑ Same day tracking code
☑ Professional and active team